Believe and Achieve: Inspirational Quotes and Affirmations for Success and Self-Confidence

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Supercharge your will to succeed with the upbeat quotations and ambitious affirmations in this pocket-sized dose of dogged determination.

The universe has an awesome habit of rewarding those who work hard and never give up. And there's nothing like a few words of encouragement to help you stay focused while you're on the road to success. This little book is bursting with supportive quotes and fresh perspectives to fuel your journey and strengthen your resolve.

From the timeless ideas of ancient sages to brilliant insights from modern superstars, these are words to encourage, motivate and inspire.

As well as the hard-won wisdom of successful writers, artists and thinkers, this book includes a host of empowering affirmations and daily reminders such as:

"Choose success every day
Be your own greatest cheerleader
You can achieve anything you put your mind to
Obstacles are the stepping stones of your journey to success
You are so much stronger than you think
Push forward, persevere and be patient"