Classic Dragonlance : Dragons of Deceit - A Dungeons & Dragons Novel / Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman

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The first new Dragonlance novel from Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman in over a decade, and featuring fan-favorite characters from the iconic first two trilogies, Dragonlance Chronicles and Dragonlance Legends--books that brought a generation of readers into the fantasy fold.

Destina Rosethorn--as her name implies--believes herself to be very much a favored child of destiny. But when her father dies in the War of the Lance, her carefully-constructed world comes crashing down. Not only has she lost her beloved father, but the legacy he has left her: a wealthy finance, and rule over the family lands and castle. With nothing left in the world to support her but her wits and determination, she hatches a bold plan: to secure the Device of Time Journeying she read about in one of her father's books and prevent her father's death.

The last known holder of the Device was one of the Heroes of the Lance: the free-spirited kender, Tasselhoff Burrfoot. BUt when Destina arrives in Solace--home not only to Tas, but to fellow heroes Caramon and Tika Majere--she sets into motion a chain of events more deadly than she had ever anticipated: one that could change not only her personal history, but the fate of the entire world, allowing a previously-defeated evil to once again gain ascendancy.

"I love Dragonlance and I love Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman: plain and simple. Their books are my favourite fantasy series of all time. I love the stories and ideas, but most of all, I love the characters. Why do we all feel like we know them? They are what spurred me to start working for D&D and what inevitable inspired me to pursue a career in showrunning." - Joe Manganiello