Confidence Kit P/B / Caroline Foran

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Consider this your ultimate guide to confidence.

In her bestselling book The Confidence Kit, following on from the hit Number One bestseller Owning It, well-known author and journalist Caroline Foran shows how we can take our inner fears and anxieties and turn them into building blocks of confidence.

From understanding the fear of failure and knowing when and how to step outside your comfort zone to tools such as 'fear hacking' and the art of decision-making, The Confidence Kit is jam-packed with practical advice, expert input, along with the author's signature sense of humour. Consider it your ultimate guide to confidence.

'The goal of this book isn't to teach you how to become completely fearless. It's about how you can employ techniques to build your confidence, to own your fears and anxieties -- to bring you one step closer to achieving what you want in life' Caroline Foran

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