Hello Love

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Carmel Cullen


In 'Hello Love' we meet four-year old Jacqueline Clancy who leads a carefree existence in the friendly town of Toorandulla until one day her mother disappears. Filled with unanswered questions, Jacqueline must adjust to life with her formidable Auntie Mina and the possibility of a new step-mother, all while continuing a desperate search to retrieve her lost mother. Almost forty years later, Jacqueline's husband has left her for a younger woman. Despite the number of men who come knocking at her door, Jacqueline resolves to stay faithful to her estranged husband. However, when Auntie Mina returns, Jacqueline must decide whether she will allow her inability to say goodbye to an old love to rule her life. Complex and emotionally driven, Hello Love seamlessly weaves together the voice and viewpoint of a young child with that of a woman well into adulthood. Bursting with vivid descriptions and detailed dialogue, Carmen Cullen's second novel 'Hello Love' centres around the thought-provoking question: can a person trust in love, when it has been taken.nnnnCarmen Cullen was born in County Tipperary and is the niece of singer Delia Murphy. Her first novel, Two Sisters Singing, published by Liberties Press in 2013, is loosely based on the life of her iconic aunt. Carmen was Head English in Coláiste Dhúlaigh Secondary School in Dublin for more than twenty years and afterwards Director of the Oscar Wilde Autumn School in Bray. She is now a full-time writer. She has published four collections of poetry and her book, Class Acts, Drama for the Junior Certificate, a collection of plays and workshop material for schools, is currently on the Applied Leaving Cert course. She completed her MA in Creative Writing in Trinity College in 2009. Carmen now lives in Bray, Co. Wicklow. Hello Love is her second novel.nnnn 

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