Holistic Care of the Older Person

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Holistic Care of the Older Person (published 2020) is a new and essential text for Care of the Older Person 5N2706, Level 5 Healthcare Support, Health Service Skills, Community Care, Community Health Studies, Nursing Studies (Pre-Nursing) and for any course where healthcare is a component. 

  • Complete with many case studies, up-to-date healthcare data, regulations and legislation, in addition to best practice guidelines for the HCA
  • Explores a range of age-related issues, global and national demographic trends, and the normal physiological and psychological processes of ageing
  • Examines the social impact of ageing on older people, differing attitudes to ageing and older people and the effect of ethnic and cultural influences on ageing
  • Presents the physical, social, emotional, psychological, recreational, financial, environmental and spiritual needs of older people, and related dependency levels
  • Defines the roles of the health care assistant in providing care for older people and in promoting positive attitudes to ageing
  • Emphasises the importance of effective communication with the older person, their family and also with the multi-disciplinary team
  • Explores the positive uses of assistive technology in caring for the older person
  • Discusses the issues and specific care requirements related to an older person with cognitive and sensory impairment, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, cardiovascular disease, stroke, or mental illness
  • Considers the individual needs of the dying older person and their families and explains how to exercise duties in a way that is respectful to the person's body after death
  • Presents the range of the care settings for older people and the members of the healthcare multi-disciplinary team available in each care setting
  • Outlines the roles of statutory and voluntary agencies in promoting the well-being of older people 
  • Describes HIQA standards that apply to the provision of care for the older person in residential care in Ireland and the inspection services carried out by HIQA to monitor and inspect these facilities. 
  • Explores a range of specific services for the older person, such as education, lifelong learning, preparing for retirement/the workplace and leisure activities


ISBN: 9781916019935

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