Love Algorithm / Claudia Carroll

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True love is only just a swipe away? Right?

Iris lives by numbers. The only thing missing from her perfectly calibrated life is a partner - and not for lack of trying. After decades of disappointment, Iris practically has a PhD in online dating. But something still eludes her: that unquantifiable spark.

Kim is too busy being the life of the party to look for love. Her terrible dates make great stories for her friends and co-workers, as long as she's not caught by her tyrannical boss, Iris.

Connie, Kim's recently widowed mum, is single for the first time since the 1970s. The dating game has changed a lot since her day . . .

Sick of being let down, Iris takes matters into her own hands - using her analytical skills to creat the first real formula for love. With Kim and Connie on board, they launch Analyze, a dating app like no other.

As Analyze takes the world by storm, are the three women in over their heads? Is love really just a numbers game?

'A superb romcom, with relatable and loveable characters that literally burst from the pages. With laugh-out-loud moments, woven between a heartwarming and hopeful story, it charmed me from the first page' Carmel Harrington