Secret World of Stargazing The / Adrian West

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The Secret World of Stargazing is the ultimate guide to set you on your epic journey around the cosmos - it's a simple guide to the skies and makes stargazing fun, easy and enjoyable for all - absolutely no equipment is required!

Adrian West, AKA the internet sensation VirtualAstro, will take you through the seasons, showing you exactly what you can spot in the sky throughout the year, whether you're in your back garden or sitting on an exotic beach somewhere! While you're learning how to spot constellations, meteors and comets, you will be switching off your busy mind, sitting still in nature and paying attention to the small details that make up the big picture of life.

You'll finish reading this beautiful book and come away with a sense of grounding, connection, knowledge and a whole new appreciation of the sky above and the world outside your own - it will soothe your soul.

'Stargazing is a lovely book. It's personal, delicate and beautifully innocent. For those more experienced astronomers, it is a reminder of why so many of us immerse ourselves in the hobby, and for those just starting out, it is a useful leg-up onto the first rung of the stargazing ladder.' - Katrin Raynor-Evans, Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and an astronomy writer, BBC Sky at Night

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