The Ryans of Tipperary and Limerick : Their Origins in Owney and Owneybeg

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Brian P Kennedy


The ancient O'Mulryans werea brave and fearless warriors supplemented  by others of their number who were capable farmers. Their entry into Owney and Owneybeg around 700 years ago eventuated in them being "established in the place" of a number of clans who may have lost theirs lands at the time of the Norman Invasion. \n \nThe O'Mulryans made the most of their combination of fighters and farmers to establish the territory of Owney Mulryan.nnnnThrough courage and fortitude and through effectively dealing with the challenges with which they were faced, the Ryans have extended their great family from Ireland to many parts of the world. \n \nThis story is long overdue. The Ryans are too important an Irish family to have their story go untold. Numerically they are one of the top ten families in Ireland and their contribution to Ireland and to the world at large is well and truly worthy of the recognition it deserves.  After writing 6 books about the history of the Irish Kennedys, who are their close relatives and neighbours, the author was ready to take on the challenging task of researching and compiling a first book on Ryan History. \n \nAbout the Author Patrick Kennedy was born the 13th child in a family of 15 in Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia, in 1940. He has a Master of Education degree from the Queensland University of Technology. He holds dual Australian and Irish citizenship. His passion for Irish History has taken him to Ireland on 26 occasions since 1993. He has written six books on the history of the Irish Kennedys. After a number of requests from members of the Ryan Family he has now produced this first book on the Ryans.

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