'Twas How we Looked

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Upperchurch Drombane Community Devt


The long awaited Upperchurch Drombane Community Album has been published and is fitting testament to the many hours the editors spent gathering, collating, copying and minding thousands of photographs kindly supplied by people from all parts of the parish and further afield.

The Upperchurch Drombane Community Album is as fine a pictorial record of many generations of a parish you are likely to find anywhere. The first print run of the book sold out in barely two weeks and the second reprint of the book is now available.In their foreword to the Upperchurch Drombane Community Album, the historical society say;"We, the present generation, live in a time of rapid change. The speed of this change is unprecedented and the memories of times past are fading quickly.

Technology has brought many wonders but has sidelined many of the old ways of interaction with our relatives and neighbours and how we remember them. Text messages and facebook posts just don't do tracing and stories of the old times. Neither can they show the personalities of people as do face to face meetings at church, creamery, pub, shop or post office, all long standing institutions now under pressure.

All Communities have a past, a present and a future. It is easy to ignore the past, or worse still, to belittle it. But the people of the past made us what we are. They gave us our very existence, our values, our environment, our institutions, our culture and our wealth. It would be ungrateful and a mistake to forget. Hopefully this book will help keep their memories alive.nnnnNeither should we ignore or take for granted the qualities of our present community.

Genuine friendship and concern for each other as well as voluntary effort are as strong as they ever were.nnnnAs you look through the pages of the Upperchurch Drombane Community Album it will soon become obvious how quickly time tightens its fist and the young become old and pass away.

Our children are the community's future and our greatest asset. Even more than the past & present generations of adults, they should be given their rightful recognition and appreciation. One of the best ways to do this is to give them times and tell them the old stories and traditions.

We hope that this album will help to preserve this old stories of the past by pointing out the faces and places of 'the way we looked'"-Upperchurch-Drombane Historical Societynnnnhttp://www.hiddentipperary.com/villages-of-tipperary/upperchurch-village/


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