Big Fish / Daniel Wallace

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** A MAJOR TIM BURTON FILM starring Ewan Mcgregor and Jessica Lange **

** COMING SOON AS A MUSICAL starring Kelsey Grammer **

Do you ever really know your father? Like many sons, William Bloom never really knew his father. Edward told him stories too incredible to believe about his exploits as a younger man, but any attempt to find out serious truths have been met with laughter and brush-offs. And that never mattered.

But now Edward is dying, suddenly it matters a great deal. So William sets out to tell his father's story, as he imagines it. He tames a giant, is dragged by an enormous fish through a lake and escapes a purgatory of lost dreams.

Through legends and myths, William makes Edward into a true Big Fish. The much beloved book by Daniel Wallace is soon to be a Christmas musical at The Other Palace in London.

Praise for Big Fish:

'Daniel Wallace has created a jewel in Big Fish' Winston Groom, author of Forrest Gump

'Both comic and poignant' New York Times

'An audacious, highly original debut novel. . . An imaginative, and moving, record of a son's love for a charming, unknowable father' Kirkus Reviews

'Refreshing, original. . . Wallace mixes the mundane and the mythical. His chapters have the transformative quality of fable and fairy tale' Publishers Weekly, starred review