Blinding Lies / Amy Cronin

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Ten years ago, Anna Clarke’s parents disappeared. The mystery haunts her, and she hopes her job in a busy city Garda Station will one day help her find answers.
The case of a man shot dead crosses her desk - and Anna is shocked to discover that the main suspect is her childhood friend Kate Crowley. Certain that Kate is innocent, Anna is determined to help her clear her name. But first she has to find her...
Tom Gallagher's son David is dead, and Tom believes Kate is responsible. Now his older son John is missing. Unable to grieve for one son until he finds the other, desperation can cause a man to do terrible things... Then the German Meier brothers descend on the city, intent on finding an item David had offered to sell them. Tom doesn't know where it is, but he suspects Kate Crowley must have taken it.
Kate is on the run. She is trapped in the dead man's city - can her old friend help her find a way out?
In a week where a political summit is taking place and the city is on high alert, Kate must struggle to stay hidden and stay alive. And Anna is drawn into a twisted race against time, falling deeper into danger...