Carpe Diem: Inspirational Quotes and Awesome Affirmations for Seizing the Day

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Get inspired to succeed with the courageous quotations and rousing affirmations in this pocket-sized collection of unbeatable wisdom.
Today holds an infinite number of opportunities - the rest of your life is just waiting for you to reach out and grab it by the horns! This little book, packed full of uplifting quotes and motivational mottos, is just what you need to launch into exciting new adventures and achievements.
From the wisdom of ancient sages to sound advice from modern superstars, these are words to get you feeling great and thinking big.
As well as the hard-won wisdom of successful and talented celebrities, this book includes a host of uplifting mantras and daily reminders such as:
Difficult doesn't mean impossible You're never lost - you're just discovering new places Your life is a work of art - it deserves to be seen Good things come to those who... go out and get them When's the best time to start? Right now!