Children of Gods and Fighting Men / Shauna Lawless

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The first in a gripping new historical fantasy series that intertwines Irish mythology with real-life history, The Children of Gods and Fighting Men is the thrilling debut novel by Shauna Lawless. They think they've killed the last of us...

981 AD. The Viking King of Dublin is dead. His young widow, Gormflaith, has ambitions for her son - and herself - but Ireland is a dangerous place and kings tend not to stay kings for long. Gormflaith also has a secret. She is one of the Fomorians, an immortal race who can do fire-magic. She has kept her powers hidden at all costs, for there are other immortals in this world - like the Tuatha De Danann, a race of warriors who are sworn to kill Fomorians.

Fodla is one of the Tuatha De Danann with the gift of healing. Her kind dwell hidden in a fortress, forbidden to live amongst the mortals. Fodla agrees to help her kin by going to spy on Brian Boru, a powerful man who aims to be High King of Ireland. She finds a land on the brink of war - a war she is desperate to stop. However, preventing the loss of mortal lives is not easy with Ireland in turmoil and the Fomorians now on the rise...

Reviewers on The Children of Gods and Fighting Men: 'Highlander meets The Last Kingdom in this assured and captivating debut... I was hooked from page one.' Anthony Ryan

'Gripping and beautiful. A Celtic Last Kingdom with wild magic and fierce heroines.' Anna Smith Spark

'I really enjoyed the book. It's an excellent read.' Mark Lawrence

'A beguiling blend of fantasy, history, and politics. A gripping start to this series.' D.K. Fields

'A vividly written story that makes the ancient past feel contemporary.' Joseph O'Connor

'Rife with atmosphere and armies, magic and compelling characters, it swept me along and refused to be put down.' H.M. Long

'An epic historical fantasy that weaves myth and history into a sprawling tale of magic, intrigue, and war. Absorbing and richly detailed.' Ian Green

'With all the complex political machinations of A Song of Ice and Fire and the bloody battles of The Warlord Chronicles, it's ideal for fans of both.' Stephen Aryan

'An atmospheric journey into a thrilling historical fantasy world.' R.J. Barker