Dainty Dress Diaries : 50 Beautiful Home-Crafting Projects to Awaken Your Creativity / Catherine Carton

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On her award-winning blog, Dainty Dress Diaries, Catherine Carton welcomes us into her 'floral, chalk-painted, tea-dress-wearing corner of the internet'.

Here, in her first book, she shares over fifty of her favourite creative projects - upcycling, crafting, sewing, painting and gardening - many of which take unloved items and make them shine again.

Getting crafty is fun, but it also gives us a few moments of peace in our hectic, plugged-in lives. Spend an afternoon making rose-scented soaps or sewing a memory cushion; reuse old crockery and learn to strip paint and upcycle furniture; or get your garden blooming with simple raised beds or a buzzin' bee hotel.

The projects within these pages are for everyone, so take a break from the world, reignite your creative spark, and make your home a little bit more beautiful!

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