Dan Breen: Man Behind the Myth, The / John Connors

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Dan Breen: The Man Behind the Myth - Tipperary's Famous Revolutionary

Anyone with an interest in Irish history is aware of the legend of Dan Breen. Breen the fearless - and fearsome - warrior. Breen who 'started' the War of Independence at Soloheadbeg. Breen the uncompromising  republican.

A combination of a volatile temper and a troubled relationsip with alcohol led him at times into careless words and aggressive actions. While he could be fearsome, he could also be incredibly kind and generous - to a fault, as his ready support of comrades in difficulty contributed to his own constant, chronic financial problems.

This new material doesn't whitewash Breen's reputation - the relish with which he contemplated shooting certain people is both striking and rather alarming - but it does put some of his more regrettable traits in context. And it does allow us to look at the legend and the reality; to allow for a more rounded picture of Dan Breen.