Different like Delia H/B / Ann Marie King & Ava Murphy

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Meet Delia.

She’s a smart-witted fashionista from San Francisco. She seems to have it all—brains, beauty, and talent. There’s just one thing that sometimes holds her back: She stutters. Learn how Delia faces her challenges head on, and keeps her dreams alive. With the love and support of some special people, she discovers how to turn her struggle into her superpower!

Ann Marie King and Ava Murphy’s exquisitely illustratedand discerning story skillfully normalizes the often felt distressing emotions a stutterer encounters, helping them feel less isolated. It demonstrates how the strong spirit of this intelligent and creative young girl turns her struggle into her superpower. Different Like Delia began as a way for Ann Marie to help her daughter Ava cope with the emotions she experienced surrounding her stutter, and writing their story together served as a distraction from her sober reality Ava and Ann Marie spent many tearful nights discussing her dysfluency and the question of why it happened to her. Her older brother Eamon understood since he began to stutter at the age of five. Eamon and Ava have felt confused, embarrassed, and frustrated by their stuttering. The truth is, stuttering in itself is not the problem: it’s the reaction from others that causes the pain.

They believe Delia will serve as a fashionable and fabulous role model for stutterers and anyone else with a disability. For when you believe in yourself, and know you are loved—anything is possible.

Ann Marie King is a proud San Francisco native of Irish descent. Her mother is from Partry, Co. Mayo and her father was raised in the village of Dunloughan, Co. Galway.

Ann Marie is in Ireland every chance she gets, to relax and spend time with family. In creating her meaningful story, she decided to work with an Irish design company to storyboard, design, illustrate and print Delia’s story. This book was a collaboration of efforts over a one year period with the team on the ground in Ireland, and Ann Marie in San Francisco. Ann Marie, her husband Steve Murphy, Eamon, and Ava really do live on a “shady tree-lined street” in the heart of San Francisco.

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