Halloween House / Riley Cain

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Do you dare enter The Halloween House? Have you courage enough to Trick or Treat with the cast of ghastly characters who dwell there? From witches, werewolves, ghouls and ghosts, all are assembled in its moldy rooms to offer thrills and shivers - and quite a lot of laughs.

For the 'spooktacular' month of October, thirty-one tales crammed with ghostly fun dare you to book a seat on the Fright Flight; enter the The Witches' Broomstick Race, fight vampires with fearless Gran Helsing, and ride with The Phantom Highwayman.Listen for the whistle of The Devil's Locomotive as you set sail on midnight waters with The Ghost Pirates. And if you should be tempted by A Shortcut Through the Graveyard, we guarantee, you will only do it once! Haunted by creatures such as the dancing Manky Franky Twinkle Toes and Dexter Blood, The Handyman from Hell, The Halloween House offers a wealth of rotten rhymes for the bravest readers. One tale each night for the foulest, freakiest, fun-filled Halloween ever.