Haunting on the Hill, A / Elizabeth Hand

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'Scary and beautifully written, imbued with the same sense of dread and inevitability as Jackson's original' NEIL GAIMAN

Discover the landmark first novel ever to return to Hill House, officially authorised by the Shirley Jackson estate.

'It's so vivid, full of totemic menace and with a heart-in-your-mouth, can't-look-away frisson' BRIDGET COLLINS

'In some ways even more enjoyable than the original. Genuinely sinister and beautifully written' ROSIE ANDREWS

'Welcome back to Hill House. Read by daylight, and never alone' ALIX E. HARROW

'Hill House is back and as haunting as ever. Some of the most striking scares I've read in years' ANA REYES


Sixty years later, Hill House is occupied again

Playwright Holly Sherwin is close to her big break. Having received a grant to develop her new play, all she needs is time and space to bring her vision to life.

Then on a weekend away, she stumbles upon Hill House - an ornate if crumbling gothic mansion, near-hidden outside a small town.

Soon Holly's troupe of actors - each with ghosts of their own - arrive at Hill House for a creative retreat. But before long they find themselves at odds not just with one another, but with the house itself.

For something has been waiting patiently in Hill House all these years.

Something no longer content to walk alone.


'Evocative and unsettling, capturing the essence of the original whilst offering something brand new' CARLY REAGON

'A novel dripping in atmosphere and intrigue' JOANNE BURN

'As unnerving and disorienting as Hill House itself' LAURA SHEPPERSON

'A subtle and deeply unnerving ghost story' AMANDA MASON

'Creepy, tragic, and haunting. I tore through its pages' VICTOR LaVALLE

'Not a simple act of ventriloquism but a true marriage of minds' DAN CHAON