Home Edit, The: Stay Organised / Clea Shearer & Joanna Teplin

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Just as The Home Edit Life reassuringly told us that it's OK to own things, Stay Organized promises that it's OK to create a mess. When your systems are working, you'll be able to clean them up within 15 minutes. And as we've all learned over the last few years, maintenance is self-care.

Our homes are critical to our mental health. When your systems work, you have more bandwidth. You don't have to start from a maxed-out place.

Above all else, move forward feeling calm, collected, and confidently organized -with humor, relatability, and beautiful imagery. Stay Organized covers all kinds of topics related to maintenance, showing readers actionable ways to create systems in their own homes that will be easy to maintain for long-term success. Topics include: - How to get your household on board- Sharing spaces effectively- Household schedules- Maintenance as self-care- Inventory checklists- Checking in with your systems- Staying on top of incoming and outgoing items- Low-bar lifestyle goals for each space