Lie of Omission, A / M.A. Purcell

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Danger, secrets and new beginnings lurk in the hills of rural Ireland.

Retired Detective Thomas Tegan has returned home. He has embraced his childhood nickname, Trout, is enjoying getting to know his sister’s best friend Lauren and is toying with the idea of setting up a wine-importing business.

But …

It isn’t easy to switch off finely honed investigative skills nor, as he soon discovers, does he want to. When a hike in the local hills with Lauren leads them to the body of a young man, whom he knew from his days on the force, he resolves to make sure the perpetrators are brought to justice.

Except …

As a retired detective, Tegan has no authority to investigate. He enlists Lauren’s help and together they set up TLCI, a Private Investigation Agency.

However …

Thomas Tegan has an agenda of his own that he can’t share with Lauren. And his presence in her life endangers her. Not to mention that his secret has the potential to destroy the relationship evolving from their friendship …