Outlaw PBK / James Swallow

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The brilliant, explosive new book from the master of the modern espionage thriller and Sunday Times bestseller James Swallow.

Gutted by the ruthless power brokers known as the Combine, the Rubicon Group is a shadow of its former self, its founder Ekko Solomon missing presumed dead and the members of its private security and intelligence team in hiding, framed for a terrorist atrocity they did not commit.

For ex-MI6 officer Marc Dane, his friend and colleague Lucy Keyes, and the survivors of Rubicon's Special Conditions Division, the future is bleak.

With no support and no backup, they are living on the edge, and the walls are closing in - so with nothing left to lose, the team will risk everything in a last ditch gambit to strike back at the Combine and bring them down...once and for all.

Rising from the ashes of Rubicon's destruction, Marc and the team undertake a high-stakes undercover mission to stop a catastrophic plan to crash the global financial network, with only their cunning and their skills to carry them through.

If they succeed, they might just get their lives back.
If they fail, it will be the end of everything they've been fighting for...

The epic final book in the Marc Dane series, OUTLAW is Swallow's most explosive thriller to date - perfect for fans of Gregg Hurwitz, Ant Middleton and Terry Haye

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