Palliative Care Support / Anita Duffy & Noreen Holland

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Palliative Care Support is an essential textbook, for the Level 5 Palliative Care Support module (5N3769), as part of the Healthcare Support, Health Service Skills and Nursing Studies (Pre-Nursing) major awards. It is based on the HSE Palliative Care Competence Framework (Ryan et al, 2014) and uses case studies throughout. 

  • Guides you through the principles of palliative care, enabling you to apply these principles to your practice and reflect on and evaluate the palliative care you provide 
  • Details the roles of the health care assistant (HCA) within the multidisciplinary team (MDT) in providing collaborative, quality palliative care to patients and their families 
  • Examines the need for holistic palliative care services across the lifespan and, in particular, for common chronic illness 
  • Illustrates how the HCA can promote activities of daily living as part of an agreed person-centred palliative care plan, to support life quality, self-esteem, respect, privacy and dignity
  • Defines pain, and its symptoms, assessment and management, to include both pharmacological and non-pharmacological relief from pain 
  • Describes the common symptoms experienced by patients receiving end-of-life care and how prompt assessment and appropriate management of these can improve quality of life 
  • Introduces spirituality within the context of palliative care and presents practical information to provide a meaningful contribution to the welfare, values and beliefs of the patient 
  • Explains how effective communication between the HCA, MDT, the patient and their family is essential to the delivery of quality and compassionate palliative care 
  • Explores some ethical issues that may be encountered in your role of HCA 
  • Presents dying as a normal process and, using evidence-based theories and models, reveals the many responses to bereavement and the varying supports required to manage and cope with the bereavement process.