Peig Sayers Volume 1: Labharfad le Cách | I Will Speak to You

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Peig Sayers was one of the most renowned storytellers in the Irish tradition. Born in 1873 in Baile an Bhiocáire, Dún Chaoin, County Kerry, Peig married into the Great Blasket where her fame as a storyteller began.

Peig's recollections were never written down but dictated to others, and in the process often edited or shortened. As a result they often became the object of satire, such as Flann O'Brien's The Poor Mouth, and in the school book version that many generations of students were confronted with, Peig's recollections are often the cause of unhappy memories.

Using original sound recordings from the BBC and RTÉ Archives, this book features transcriptions of Peig's own speech, annotated and translated by Professor Bo Almqvist and Dr Pádraig Ó Héalaí. Including a link to the original audio material, now we can listen to Peig's own voice as she tells us her stories and meet her in a way never possible before.