She Believed She Could So She Did: Inspirational Quotes for Women

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A sparkling collection of empowering affirmations and inspiring quotes from badass women.
Inside every woman is a diamond core of strength that helps them achieve anything they put their mind to. Tap into your magic with this beautiful collection of inspirational quotations and life-affirming statements, featuring the wisdom of modern-day icons like Beyonce, Venus Williams and Amy Schumer, and the classic life advice of trailblazers such as Eleanor Roosevelt, Marie Curie and Maya Angelou.
For some extra sparkle every day, let wise words like these inspire you to conquer the world with grit and grace: "You are a diamond - never let them dull your sparkle", "She needed a hero so that's what she became", "Trust your inner voice - she is a goddess talking to you", "You can rule the world; just don't be afraid to wear the crown", "Be your own kind of beautiful" "Girls with dreams become women with vision."