Telegram from Berlin, A

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1939 - As the clouds of war gather across Europe, senior diplomat Gabriel Ford is sent to London to outline the Irish government's intended policy of neutrality. While there, Gabriel, recently engaged and the son of a War of Independence hero, has his life thrown into turmoil when he meets a beautiful, mysterious woman, Karina Harper. Karina watched as a child as her magnificent home in Ireland was burned down by rebels and her family were driven out of the country.

Now a secretary at the British Foreign Office she is using all her contacts as she desperately tries to rescue the man she loves from Nazi Germany. As war erupts and Karina is posted to Dublin, Gabriel risks everything for a scandalous affair with her. But, unknown to him, his own and Karina's families are linked by a terrible crime committed during Ireland's fight for independence.

Gabriel and Karina become engaged. But is she all she seems? Is she using Gabriel's diplomatic status to rescue her true love trapped in wartime Germany? Is she pursuing Gabriel and his family for revenge for the crime committed by them in the past? Or does she in fact love him? As a Nazi victory in Europe looks imminent, Gabriel is being sent to Berlin by De Valera to try and avert a feared invasion of Ireland. Karina uses the opportunity to accompany him, to try find her old love.

But as she and Gabriel board a plane for Berlin, Karina is hiding one more secret. And if discovered, this secret will ensure neither ever return.

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