Dispersal of the Irish Kennedys, The / Brian Patrick Kennedy

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Brian Kennedy


"The Dispersal of the Irish Kennedys - across the Irish Republic from North Tipperary" became available in July 2018. Brian Kennedy says: This has been a fascinating research project. When I set out to write the book I was not to know how many Kennedys I would find, where they were and how they may have reached there. A dispersal is a scattering and it was incredible to be able to track down how Irish Kennedys scattered into every one of the 26 counties of the Republic of Ireland. I was able to pinpoint their locations and to map how they may have got there. Among other methods of travel, I have written about my conclusions that Irish Kennedys reached some areas by sea along the west and south coasts in currachs or other small sailing vessels. Some first names are to be found in every county. Among the names are 628 Johns, 556 Patricks, 398 James, 333 Michaels, 327 Thomas and 199 Williams. Do not despair, I also relate how I was able to find my gggfather Patrick Kennedy among the 556 of the name. You will also find where not to look. You will be lucky to find any Edwards in Cavan or Martins in Meath or Michaels in Louth. The book was launched at the Irish Kennedy Clan Gathering at Chief Rody Kennedys at Rearcross, Tipperary on Sunday 8th July 2018.

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