Growth and Development in Early Childhood / Eilis Flood

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Comprehensive introduction to the theories and practices of child development and growth, including physical, intellectual, language, social, spiritual and emotional development and how each area links to the others Síolta and Aistear frameworks are threaded throughout this text with clear explanations, applied scenarios and examples.

*Outlines how genetic factors and environmental factors such as family, society, economics, health and culture can positively or negatively affect child development and learning

*Positions the important role and contribution of the parent and the practitioner in relation to the development and learning of children in the home and in a care setting

*Describes how a partnership approach between parents and ELC practitioners has huge benefits for parents, practitioners and especially the children being cared for

*Defines the role of the practitioner in preparing the child for expected transitions in a care setting

*Highlights the importance of having a key worker system as a means of promoting feelings of security for children in a care setting

*Details how to create an inclusive and accessible environment, both physical and experiential, to provide a variety of challenging and stimulating experiences for each child

*Illustrates the purpose and practice of child observation as a means of learning and development, detailing the five principles of good practice and various methods with supporting examples

*Engages readers with highly illustrated chapters and key features to ensure deeper learning and knowledge of all relevant topics and concepts


Eilis Flood (BEd, BSc, MA) taught Childcare modules at Drogheda Institute of Further Education. She is the author of many best-selling textbooks in Ireland on childcare education at Levels 5 and 6.