Last to Disappear PBK / Jo Spain

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A small town. A frozen lake. Three missing women. One body.When young London professional Alex Evans is informed that his sister's body has beenpulled from an icy lake in Northern Lapland, he assumes his irresponsible sisteraccidentally drowned. He travels to the wealthy winter resort where Vicky worked as atour-guide and meets Agatha Koskinen, the detective in charge. Agatha is a no-nonsensesingle mother of three who already thinks there's more to Vicky's case than meets theeye.

As the two form an unlikely alliance, Alex also begins to suspectthe small town where his sister lived and died is harbouring secrets. It's not long before he learns that three other women have gone missing from the area in the past and that his sister may have left him a message. On the surface, Koppe, Lapland is a winter wonderland. But in this remote, frozen place, death seems only ever a heartbeat away.