Boy With the Haunted Heart, The / Morgan Gwen

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A captivating romantasy to make your heart race...

Ruby and Oliver return in the sensational sequel to THE GIRL WITH NO SOUL, where they discover the sixth sense of prophecy: an advanced ability said to be possessed only by those who have witnessed the darkness of the soul first-hand... The old Order has been dismantled and a new leadership born - but with it comes the question of who the pair can trust.

Then Oliver has a terrifying vision of the future which predicts Ruby's death. Desperate to prevent this coming to pass, he finds himself drawn to an ancient, seductive form of magic that will send him on a journey into his own troubled past. What Oliver discovers could unleash a darkness that will tear them apart.

Can Oliver piece together the clues to save Ruby from a terrible fate - and at what cost?

The Boy With The Haunted Heart combines a swooning love story, intoxicating world building and beautiful writing.

Perfect for fans of Leigh Bardugo's Six of Crows and Memento!