Flagging Anxiety And Panic

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Harry Barry


Do you or does someone you love suffer from general anxiety, social anxiety, panic attacks, a phobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder? Or are you a health-care worker treating people with these disorders? Then Flagging Anxiety and Panic is book is for you.nnnnDr Harry Barry combines a deep knowledge of the inner workings of the mind and brain with a wealth of experience treating patients as a GP to offer an escape from fear, worry and the shame of anxiety.nnnnThrough a series of case studies based on his real-life experiences treating patients, he demonstrates in Flagging Anxiety And Panic how to use methods such as lifestyle changes, mindfulness exercise and CBT techniques to cope with the symptoms  of anxiety and to improve our mind frame.nn

Praise for Flagging Anxiety and Panic


'If you or someone close to you suffers with any form of clinical anxiety then this book is a must read' The Irish Times


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nn'Dr. Barry's work holds the key to easing the mental torture of those who have endured a lifelong struggle with the symptoms of acute and chronic anxiety. A unique book by a unique doctor.'—Dr. Muiris Houston, Irish Times columnist and health analystnnnn‘This is a book not for your doctor's shelf... it is a book for YOU.’—Cathy Kelly, author and UNICEF ambassadornnnn'For anyone seriously troubled by anxiety related disorders this book will inform, motivate and provide sound guidance toward lasting relief.'—Dr Justin Brophy, Consultant Psychiatristnn


nnDr Harry Barry is a medical doctor based in County Louth, but originally from Thurles , Co.Tipperary. He specialises in the area of mental health and, in particular, depression and anxiety. He is a director of Aware, and a regular contributor in national media on the subjects of mental health and suicide prevention. Dr Barry is the author of several bestselling books, including Flagging the Problem, Flagging Stress, Flagging the Therapy, Flagging Depression – A Practical Guide and co-author of Flagging the Screenager.

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