Hard Work Pays Off : Transform Your Body and Mind with CrossFit's Five-Time Fittest Man on Earth / Mat Fraser

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Hard Work Pays Off. This is the mantra of Mat Fraser, the five-time CrossFit super athlete who is currently the World's Fittest Man.

In this ground-breaking book, Mat details for the first time his revolutionary methods for staying motivated and building peak strength, endurance, and speed. Mat reveals the training methods and workouts he has used to help edge out all competitors, so that you can rapidly improve your own physical and mental fitness. Drawing on CrossFit's uniquely wide-ranging approach to exercise, from running to powerlifting, cycling to push ups, Mat shares the secrets of how to go from ordinary to extraordinary.

Full of black-and-white workout diagrams and training plans throughout, you'll develop your own fitness and training plan alongside one of the world's most dominant athletes.

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