Myeloma - My Life

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Katherine McGovern


Myeloma - My Life is the story and life account of Catherine Maher McGovern.nnnnHer story is worth reading for the motivation it will exude not only to those afflicted with Myeloma, but for anyone who suffers from a serious illness. There is another life outside of being sick as Catherine shows in Myeloma - My Life. Her sickness is only part of her life but it takes courage and determination to achieve it.nnnnAs Catherine says herself in the introduction, "My motto is to get on with life, especially the good days, suffer in silence on the bad and keep the home fires burning - that is all anyone can achieve in this life.nnnnI intend to live every moment, enjoy every moment, do the things that matter and not put them off until another day and in that way I will have beaten the scourge that Multiple Myeloma causes to those whose lives are blighted by its consequences. I have another life outside of my sickness and I intend living it to the full"nnnnA truly inspirational and motivating life story - highly recommendednnnn nnnn- A short while after publishing her story, Catherine Maher McGovern sadly passed away, our condolences to her family-

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