Rufus Portable PA Systems - Rufus 8

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Just arrived into stock are the new Rufus Mobile PA Systems from CMC Audio. These are compact  powered speakers which really pack a punch! Available in three sizes with power output from 50W to 80W, the Rufus is a complete mobile PA system in one box!\nn\nnThe system includes 2 wireless radio mics-1 hand held VHF microphone and 1 headset VHF microphone with volume on the transmitter box and remote control for the media player .\nnIt is packed with a powerful 50 watt D Class amplifier which makes it lighter and more powerful with excellent quality sound and no distortion.\nnThe Rufus speaker also features a media player with display, Bluetooth, radio, recording to USB/ SD card, 3 inputs , echo, rechargeable battery and mains and it can be mounted on a speaker stand.\nnThese mobile PA systems are ideal for use in schools, halls, dance classes or even for outdoor events.

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