Trisha's 21-Day Reset / Trisha Lewis

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Trisha Lewis is on a mission to change her life and shed 13 stone - and she's over halfway there. It hasn't been easy. Failures, setbacks and curveballs have all been part of the journey, but Trisha wants to spread the message that weight loss doesn't have to be about constant deprivation and self-punishment.

Trisha's 21-Day Reset helps you build the foundations of a resilient weight-loss plan, so that when you fall off the wagon you don't have to beat yourself up - you simply reset. It contains everything you need to get back on track, from how to get into a positive state of mind to how to balance your needs for sleep, hydration, exercise and nutrition. As a trained chef, Trisha believes in losing weight without losing flavour.

The 21-Day Reset is packed with over 60 delicious, simple recipes with all the macros and calories counted, so you can follow a plan that suits your weight-loss goals or simply enjoy tasty, healthy food. Get ready to discover the power of the reset button and kick-start your weight-loss journey!

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